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Brexit and the march towards independence

Not far until the disaster of brexit becomes a reality – many especially in Scotland foresaw the disaster coming since the vote came to pass due to false information and incitement of hatred by the Tory government to get it to pass. With their disastrous policies to weaken the people, austerity, universal credit, changes to benefits, lies about Europe, lies about immigration and foreigners in the country who were not ‘anglo-white’, NHS £350m the vote passed. Just hours and days after the brexit vote many many people from all walks of life who were from overseas were beaten up badly. One person who i know personally his nephew was beaten up in the Midlands so badly he was in a coma for two weeks and his elderly aunty was also beaten in London.

Now those lies damn lies are coming to pass about why the UK should leave EU and how great the UK will be again, people are waking up not fast enough personally to the lies they voted for and they are not emotionally ready for a revolt yet, which is funny as the French Yellow Vests for far less have gone up in arms.

So where has brexit taken us – nowhere – the government has no idea what to do they even had most of the negotiations written by the EU for them. Plan A became Plan B with a few changes if any just a name change. May refusing to move her position, many frustrated and the will of the people who now realise that they voted for a lie not taken into account. Makes them look even more incompetent especially as the Europeans used to think the English were very organised, on the ball for most things and very correct and proper mmmm bit of a fallacy. Very well calculated though ask the people in Bengal who died due to starvation because the then pm Winston Churchill refused to send food and lets millions die, so many more examples well hidden for years.

Scotland overwhelmingly voted to remain and since then Scots voices have been ignored – no change there same as before the vote. What the establishment have not realised is that the independence vote is more than any one person ie wee Alex and wee Nicola but a movement that is by the people for the people. Maligning prominent Scots in the hope of stopping them for asking for an independent vote or changing allegiance will not work. Maybe years ago not now when the truth about so many things is readily available and people can see through the ‘fake news’ and make their own minds.

Scots tragedy is that in the last elections the tories won seats in Scotland once again through promises that were later proved to have been false ie fisheries promises etc. When will they learn that

Time we had our own self determination, The SNP have done more than the other parties put together for scotland in a long time (though they are silly sometimes) but once again their voice is not allowed to be shouted out loud due to the MSM who are aligned with the government so of course all we hear is how great government is for the people and how bad snp are. Bit funny that.