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Brexit and the march towards independence

Not far until the disaster of brexit becomes a reality – many especially in Scotland foresaw the disaster coming since the vote came to pass due to false information and incitement of hatred by the Tory government to get it to pass. With their disastrous policies to weaken the people, austerity, universal credit, changes […]

Scottish Government Consultation on fracking until 31 march 2017

Talking “Fracking”: A Consultation on Unconventional Oil and Gas

The Scottish Government has just launched a consultation about fracking. We urge everyone to take the time to read the papers they have produced and to take the consultation and give their honest opinions. Fracking consutlation scottish government.

some further information below:

Earthquakes caused by fracking […]

Wave energy developers’ chance to find out more about £7m support fund on 31 March 2015

PEOPLE involved in the development of wave energy technology in Scotland will be able to find out more about a £7million support fund in a special online webinar on Tuesday (31 March).

Wave Energy Scotland (WES), part of Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), is funded by Scottish Government. It launched its first international technology innovation […]

TransPacific Partnership – TTIP

So much has been written about the TTIP yet it is still in a shroud of secrecy and seems it will continue that way if it ever comes to realisation. We in Scotland and rest of the UK and Europe need to take a stance against this trade agreement ever coming to fruition for our […]

Fracking debate heats up – 80% of Scottish Population will be impacted

Now that the referendum is over and results in for better or worse we have a huge fight on our hands – Fracking. Westminister has licenced out large swathes of Scottish land in the central belt where 80% of the population currently lives.

You may wonder how they managed to get away with it well […]

In the Business of being in Business

Our vision is to build areas of national and international demographic support among businesses with complimentary resources and knowledge. Our members come from diverse sectors of industry whether small businesses or large and in between,.

Scotland offers a highly skilled, entrepreneurial and flexible workforce. Its infrastructure and established supply base make it easy to do […]