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Useful Information for entrepreneurial businesses


    Market Access Database

This is one of the best tools around – and it is free.  It contains useful information, if you want to export or import goods from a non EU country into the EU.

Sectoral and Trade Barriers – information on trade barriers which may affect you in the individual countries.

Applied Tariffs – by simply entering a HS code or product description, this section will provide you with the duties and taxes applicable to your products, allowing you to calculate a landed cost.

Exporters’ Guide to Import Formalities – all you need to know about the import procedures and documents required for the import of a particular product is available by simply entering a HS code or product description.

Statistical Database – an invaluable overview of trade flows between the EU and non-EU countries, accessed by simply entering a HS code or product description, can be obtained from this section.

SPS Database – this database is designed to facilitate the identification of Sanitary and Phytosanitary export problems with any non-EU country.

Studies – you can download the full text of reports concerning market access related studies referring to geographical areas, selected business sectors or relevant horizontal issues (e.g. labelling).

    UK Trade and Investment

Another useful resource, especially if you are looking to trade overseas and want to know what the markets are like, opportunities and also information about different countries.

It is free information,  you just need to register.  A very useful tool indeed.

National Library of Scotland – Scotbis

This is another wee gem and it is free
to use.  The National Library of Scotland has a large catalogue of business resources.  If you are looking for businesses worldwide, in Scotland, trade survey articles and more this is the place to go. Not only that but the staff are friendly and patient with their help.


An interesting site if you are interested in Scottish statistics and registration for updates is free.

Tenders Electronic Daily = TED

Search for tenders in the EU by sector,
country, region and more and it is  free, get all the information you need to apply for a tender. It is updated five times a week.