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Why not become a member of Scotland in Business. The fees are listed below and are as little as £50 per annum plus vat.

Advantages of membership:

–    all networking events in Scotland are free to attend for members – Non members pay £20  per event

–    members details with logo and on the members directory

–    meetings will be video streamed with other businesses worldwide – connecting us all worldwide

–    members can have one free stall during their membership year – more than once is £40 per stall

–    members can make a pitch at the events – got a new product, just want to showcase your business, first come first served

–     members can apply for start up grants – THIS FEATURE COMING SOON

Membership Fees

SME’s / start ups – 1-5 employees

£50 per annum + vat  @ 20% = £60


SME’s  6-20 employees

£75 per annum + vat @ 20% = £90


SME’s 21 employees upwards

£120 per annum + vat @ 20% = £144




If you would like to sponsor our new future funding grants for sme start ups – please send us an email for further information.  These grants will be up to £500 for members only.