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Scottish Government Consultation on fracking until 31 march 2017

Talking “Fracking”: A Consultation on Unconventional Oil and Gas

The Scottish Government has just launched a consultation about fracking.  We urge everyone to take the time to read the papers they have produced and to take the consultation and give their honest opinions.  Fracking consutlation scottish government.

some further information below:

Earthquakes caused by fracking

In America where there is a lot of fracking in many states it has been proven in Ohio that a series of 77 earthquakes was caused by fracking – ohio fracking

Canadian report finds link between fracking, earthquakes in local area link between earthquakes and fracking

Poisoning from fracking

Study Finds 8 Fracking Chemicals Toxic to Humans chemical toxins poisoning from fracking
California Aquifers Poisoned by Fracking While State’s Water Shortage Becomes Grim – State regulators say that at least eight aquifers have been contaminated by toxic drilling waste water

Air poisoning from fracking

Fracking Fumes: Air Pollution from Hydraulic Fracturing Threatens Public Health and Communities fracking fumes